You've Got the Music in You
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Sometimes life can throw you the most unexpectedly sweet, exciting and magical moments.

Though what I’ve found is that you have to seek them out.

I was in the park with the Frenchy (my partner) and a guy nearby was holding this massive bunch of balloons. They must have been shooting an advertisement of some sort as there were a few actor/model types in fancy costumes and advertising people all in black and leather.

The guy holding the bunch of balloons was clearly one of people working at the ad agency  with his leather cuff and long hair and he was trying to have his lunch. I really, really, really wanted to hold the bunch of balloons and play around with them but I thought that he was working and would get in massive trouble if I let them go or something.

So I assured myself that he would say no if I asked him. I sat there for a good 15 minutes telling the Frenchy how much I wanted to hold the balloons and he kept encouraging me to just ask but I kept coming up with reasons as to why he’d say no. It’s funny how our minds can do that even for the smallest things.

Finally I thought “What’s the worst that could happen?” He could say no. So I asked. He said “Sure.” I. WAS. ELATED! So over-the-moon happy to play around with them and try to get an” UP” photo with me flying off the ground. The Frenchy’s photography skills are pretty good so we came up with the shot above which has me floating with the balloons with my feet not touching the grass.

It absolutely MADE MY DAY.

So I dare you, I double dare you – to seek joy in the everyday. To go outside of your comfort zone. To ask “What is the worst that can happen?” Because it just might make your day.


When was the last time you sought out joy in the everyday? What happened? I would love to hear your tales of frolicking fun below and please share this post with someone who could do with a reminder of those tiny magical moments that can happen in everyday life.


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You've Got the Music in You
Almond & Berry Chocolate in 10min