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The Space Where Our Biggest Freedom Lies

Some days just don’t go very well.

You know the ones? They’re the days when it feels like it’s you against the world.

Maybe you wake up a bit late and then you’re rushing like crazy to get out the door. Inevitably something will happen to make you even more

What It’s Like To Coach With Me

Want to peek behind the curtain to see what it’s like to do Health & Lifestyle Coaching with me?

What will you get out of it? Why is it 6 months? What does it require of you?

I asked two of my clients who have just completed their 6 Month Health

I’ve Dumped Busy and Started a Relationship with Flow


“I’m so busy!”

I think this must be one of the most common responses to “How are you?” nowadays. “Things have been so heckers” “I haven’t had a moment to breathe” “I’ve been run off my feet”.

But I’d like to let you in on a little realisation I’ve just

What To Do If You’re Stuck in a Creative / Life Funk


Have you been feeling that beginning-of-year creep? That ramp up in the speed and pace of life until you feel like you haven’t got a second to breathe? Or are you feeling a little bleargh? A little like you’ve lost your way or you’ve lost your mojo?

I know

My Desire Map workshops start… NOW!

The Desire Map entered my life when I was struggling majorly with unproductivity (just let me Shakespeare that word). If there were a Procrastination Olympics, I’d win GOLD. I struggled with being overwhelmed by to-do lists, I didn’t have a one year plan let alone a five year plan

Every Woman Needs This On Her Mirror


Accepting yourself is the best beauty secret I ever learned.

It came from the novel I was studying in English when I was 16, Bliss by Peter Carey. In it, the protagonist describes his daughter as ordinary, “and even if her bum was already too big and her ankles

Put Your Hand Up If You’re A Martyr

Is your hand up in the air (even in your head)? Not many people like being a member of the Martyr Club but a lot of us are. Sometimes without even knowing it.

For me, it goes something like this – Eldest child. Bossy boots. Organiser. Reliable. These are

What’s Holding You Back?


That was the word that first came out when I was asked how I wanted to feel recently. I wanted to feel free. So I got to asking myself what was keeping me from feeling free?

I think that we all have things that hold us back. That tame us,

What is a Health Coach?

What on earth is a Health Coach?

I find myself answering this one a lot :o)

Health Coaching is a process of self-discovery.  It is the alchemy of turning your personal goals into reality.

Through the support and guidance of a Health Coach you will be taken on a journey of

Have Anything You Want

What comes up for you when I say the word BALANCE?

For most of my life I have regarded balance with the highest disdain. It was not something that I ever aspired to, was at all attracted to or in fact wanted anything to do with.

I thought that balance was

You’ve Got the Music in You

Music is so revealing of your inner world. I discovered this beautiful tree on Rottnest Island and it reminded me of the lyrics:

But when the night is falling / And you cannot find a friend / You feel your tree is breaking  / JUST BEND  / You’ve got the music in you / Don’t let go /