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A Month of Sunrises

Change can be difficult. Especially when it comes to creating better habits, or creating purposeful moments of joy in your daily life. This year, I’ve been breaking it down. Instead of seeing change as a whole big daunting everlasting all or nothing movement, I’ve been dedicating each month

Kick Your Cold to the Kerb Naturally

Jack Frost has come to town. He’s brought the rain and winds and cold weather on so fast that everywhere I turn, people are sneezing and sniffling and catching colds and flus all over the place.

I caught one last Monday and it was not fun. Everyone I spoke

Dream Days

I think you might be in need of a Dream Day.

A day that starts out as white space to be filled with whatever you desire on that very day, moment to moment.

I had one of these today and writing to you at this very moment is exactly what

Tongue Scraping

Okay. So. You brush your teeth morning and night and maybe some of you floss daily too and that should be enough, no?

Well I’m here to introduce one quick thing to your mouth cleaning regime that you will never look back from.

Tongue Scraping.

Tongue scraping gets rid of that whiteish


We’ve all heard about the benefits of meditation. It helps with everything from more energy and clarity when we are feeling depleted, to better sleep and relaxation during times of stress and just about everything in between.

For many years I liked the IDEA of meditation but told myself

My Top 5 Tips for a Comfy Flight

Tomorrow I’m leaving on a jet plane for France. I love flying and it’s been put down to a fine art of preparation for me so I wanted to share with you My Top Five Flight Tips, including what to eat, what to pack and what to do

The Biological Answer to Why Change is so Hard

You decide you’re going to change something in your life.

This time it’s going for a walk every morning. You know how much better you’ll feel when you do this. You want to be that person who gets up and breathes in the morning air and feels the sun

Want to know the best masseuse?

Want to know who to call for the best massages?

The book and apps that changed my life?

My favourite tried & tested natural beauty products and makeup?

Well you’ve come to the right place Sunny Jim because today I let you in on all the secrets of my best personal recommendations. This is to kick off a new post

33 Life Hacks For Leading A Sparkling, Healthy, Luminous Life!

How does a Sparkling, Healthy, Luminous Life sound?

I hope it appeals to you!

With so much love, I’ve created

33 Life Hacks For Leading A Sparkling, Healthy, Luminous Life!

It includes:

the secret to which sleeping position is universally best
my trick to banishing sweet cravings after every. single. meal.
the scientifically proven 5 minute practice

SMC’s Guides to Healthy Cafes & Restaurants AND Health Food Stores

Do you find it hard to find healthy places to eat out?

Want to try some new healthy recipes at home but can never find those strange ingredients?

Well, just wait until you see what I’ve created for you!

It’s something I’ve always wanted myself, especially when I first started becoming interested in

What It’s Like To Coach With Me

Want to peek behind the curtain to see what it’s like to do Health & Lifestyle Coaching with me?

What will you get out of it? Why is it 6 months? What does it require of you?

I asked two of my clients who have just completed their 6 Month Health

Delicious 3 Ingredient Breakfast

Gee it’s been hot where I am.

Something that’s been exciting me every morning has been waking up to a Berry Bowl. There are so many different versions of this but I thought I’d give you my simplest, yet delicious 3 ingredient version:

1 banana (the riper the better)

1 handful