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Have you been feeling that beginning-of-year creep? That ramp up in the speed and pace of life until you feel like you haven’t got a second to breathe? Or are you feeling a little bleargh? A little like you’ve lost your way or you’ve lost your mojo?

I know just what you need:


All of us can release tension and self express through creativity. Some just don’t know (or have forgotten) how to tap into it. Maybe you were told by someone that you weren’t creative growing up, maybe you told yourself.

As children, we knew how to be creative. We were encouraged to PLAY and the result or end product did not matter. It was all about the process of expressing ourselves. Painting, drawing, building, whatever floated your boat.

Personally, I don’t know how much creative talent I have, but I know that I, like you, have bounds of creative expression.

If you are feeling that busyness creeping up or the bleargh’s come a-calling, here’s what I suggest:

1. Gather whatever materials you can get your hands on. Paint, pencils, crayons, textas, pens… etc

2. Set a date with yourself or with a friend.

3. Put some of your favourite tunes on and paint / draw / sketch your ‘lil heart out.

4. If you’re doing this Hans Solo, every time a song ends you need to flip the paper / canvas around counterclockwise, starting on a new part no matter where you were at. If you’re with a mate, take turns in shouting “Switch!” and swap sides. This is to try and prevent any perfectionist tendencies or any attachment to the end result. You or your friend can go over what you’ve done, change it, “ruin” it. It is all about creating to express yourself and not paying any heed to how it will turn out.

5. Continue to flip and switch until there is no more room to create.

Step back and enjoy the beauty of pure creation.

You don’t have to keep it. You can put it straight in the bin. Or you could marvel at it’s imperfection. The first time I did this, my friend and I created the above picture. It’s messy. She “ruined” so many of the parts I was lovingly painting with her bright orange and messy yellow, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. Detachment from the end game. Commitment to pure creativity and going into that wonderful, blissful, childlike state where you’re just in the moment, creating patterns and shapes that feel nice.

If you need a bit of help loosening up, we did this first one having small shots of Patron every time one of us yelled “Switch!” but we have done it many times since with just the inner kind of spirits :o)

What do you do to pull yourself out of a creative / life funk? Does this kind of freeform creating appeal to you? I encourage you to share this post with a friend you’d like to try it with and see for yourself how fun and therapeutic it is for your soul.

Sacha Marie x

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My Desire Map workshops start… NOW!
I've Dumped Busy and Started a Relationship with Flow