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Want to know who to call for the best massages?

The book and apps that changed my life?

My favourite tried & tested natural beauty products and makeup?

Well you’ve come to the right place Sunny Jim because today I let you in on all the secrets of my best personal recommendations. This is to kick off a new post series ~ Fabulous Female Feature Friday!

Each Friday I’ll introduce you to a fabulously fantastic female and get them to spill the beans on their go-to peeps, places and products. I trust personal recommendations more than anything else so I’m asking all the fabulous females I know what theirs are to share with you!

THIS Friday I have the perfect Easter guest for you as she LOVES chocolate AND makes it healthy. She is the beautiful Mother Nourish ~ Janneke Williamson. Check back on Friday to see her wonderful interview. I’ll also include a link to the video of her deliciously healthy chocolate recipe that you can try your hand at this Easter weekend!

But for now, here’s me.

Sacha Marie Curtis :: Fabulous Female (Tuesday!)

How would your biggest fan describe what you do? I help women (and some very with-it men) move forward towards the person that they want to be. I hold their hand as we uncover the roadblocks that are stopping them from doing this on their own and we devise small steps around the blocks. Before they know it, they are on the other side and we then tackle the next hurdle. I guide them to discover how they want to feel in their everyday lives then together we create actionable steps so they can start feeling this way NOW.

What’s lighting up your world at the moment? I’m very excited about my upcoming Desire Map Workshop on Sunday 3 May where I will lead an intimate group through the process of discovering how they want to feel. They can then use this as a TomTom for navigating their life. And of course my beautiful Health & Lifestyle Coaching clients, who’s changes and breakthroughs light me up big time. In my personal life, I have four of my beautiful best friends all getting married this year (and only one in Sydney!) so upcoming trips to be part of their nuptials are making me very excited.

What is your morning routine? It fluctuates, but at the moment: I rise without an alarm when the birdies are chirping, as I have just learnt to sleep with the windows open. I then tongue scrape and brush my teeth with Grants natural toothpaste before downing a big glass of water from a jug that’s kept in my room. I roll out a towel on my floor and draw the curtains to meditate facing the window for around 10 minutes. Sometimes with meditation music, sometimes with a guided meditation like Headspace, sometimes just on my own with a timer on my phone to tell me when the time is up. I then get out my 5 year journal where I write one thing I’m grateful for and 5 specific reasons why. I’m trying to incorporate stretches into my morning routine so 10 minutes of them come next. Then I go downstairs to make breakfast. Before I make it, I pour a nip of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar into a small glass, add a little bit of water and shot it back, followed by another small glass of water. I make a smoothie with a NutriBullet then start my day.

What’s burning a hole in your playlist? (Even if it’s embarrassing) “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Haha. Usually it’s Taylor Swift :o)

What are your favourite apps? Is Google Calendar an app? I’ve just switched to that from iCal and I LOVE it. Also Google Maps instead of Apple Maps is a must. I also love Kindara for tracking my menstrual cycle, Wally for my business finances, and Instagram – which I’m trying to train myself out of checking all the time!

What book would you recommend to your younger self? “Clean” by Alejandro Junger. My journey towards being a Health & Lifestyle Coach started at Book Club four years ago. We voted in “Clean” and so many things clicked into place for me. I finally understood why the Naturopath I saw at age 19 put me on a 3 month detox, and that she wasn’t trying to torture me. Whilst I must caution that the book can be quite extreme, it really does explain a lot about what goes on inside of us. If younger Sacha Marie was a bit stroppy and not yet interested in reading “Clean”, I’d suggest she read “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz. A darling friend lent me this book and it’s so readable and Cameron is funny, whilst being super informative. A recommended read for all ages.

Tell us what you ate yesterday. (Be honest! ;o) First water, then a nip of Apple Cider Vinegar and more water. Then for breakfast, my favourite smoothie combo at the moment is a knock off of The Health Emporiums Chocolate Power Smoothie. 1 banana, half an avocado, filtered water, 5 raw almonds/cashews, 2 tablespoons of cacao powder, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of raw honey, 1 drop of dōTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil . For lunch I made a salad with a medley of different coloured tomatoes, the other half of my avocado, spiralised carrots and cucumber dressed with organic extra virgin olive oil and himalayan pink rock salt. In the afternoon I had a spoonful or two of Loving Earth Raw Organic Coconut Chocolate Butter. Dinner was out for a darling friend’s birthday at a pizza joint so I had a Margherita with pineapple (blasphemous, I know. And I’m Italian). I had a bite of her Pat and Sticks Ice Cream Sandwich which someone had put a battery operated candle on as a cake :o) I’m pretty good at recalling what I ate as that Naturopath I saw at age 19 got me to keep a food journal for months!

Where do you eat out? I love trying new places so it’s always different. You can check out my Guide to Healthy Cafes and Restaurants for all the wonderful places I’d recommend. The place I’ve been going to the most lately that’s not on my list is Bondi’s Best at North Bondi where I get the Crispy Skin Salmon and the Roast Carrots.

On a perfect day, what would you do? I would wake early somewhere on holiday by the sea, watch the sunrise at the beach, do yoga and meditate, then have a beautiful breakfast at an organic cafe. Go back to the beach for a swim, and read a book on the grass by the water in the shade of a big old tree. Lunch would be a takeaway picnic on the grass. I love trying new things too so maybe in the afternoon we’d do something adventurous like hang glide (actually, maybe that would be before lunch!)  After that, we’d go for an explore around the town, wandering the streets before going back to have a shower and relax in our villa. Then we would dress up for an early dinner at a beautiful organic restaurant and have another wander before going back to the villa for an early night. Perfection.

List 3 things that make your heart sing. Singing along to musicals in my car, very loudly. Dresses that twirl. Floating on my back in the ocean.

How do you want to feel? (Core Desired Feelings) Freedom. Surrender. Flow.

What’s one life lesson you’ve learned that you would teach a daughter? To love herself. Completely, wholly, infinitely.

The last time you had a breakthrough epiphany, what did you learn? That being in my flow feels so much better than being busy and that I get so much more done because I don’t feel hectic or overwhelmed. I have to keep reminding myself of this all the time though. “I’m in my flow.”

Go-to peeps
Massage: Daniel Isaccs 0416 284 176 He comes to my home and is amazing. He once fixed me when I fell off a horse trying to do a slow canter around Centennial Park and couldn’t walk properly. He also fixed me after my ankle was busted from a bad soccer tackle. A miracle worker. He can do anything. But do ask him if you want a relaxing massage, he can do those too but his specialty is adjusting and fixing people if you ask me.
Facials: Natasha Tchornobryvko 0422 650 773 Room 4, 442 New South Head Road, Double Bay NSW. I have had a LOT of facials in my time, starting when I was a young teenager because pimples have always been my Achilles heel. Natasha is the absolute best. She LOVES what she does and gives the most beautiful massage of your neck, shoulders and face that feels like HEAVEN. She is a master at extractions and she does not leave you alone in the room during your treatment. You must visit.

Healers: Abrar Kenja 0415 132 076 is a Structural Massage Therapist located in Bondi, but he’s really more of an age-old healer. You need to be open to the woo-woo to see him. He was taught ancient healing techniques by his grandfather from a young age and is such a special soul. I found his treatments highly uncomfortable at times, both physically and emotionally as he works on releasing stored emotion and physical blocks. With me, he released emotional trauma from my stomach, anger from my right arm and physical trauma from my neck after falling flat on my face onto concrete from the rings in my school gym when I was 16. You can feel the release physically from something being tight or restricted and inflexible to being able to move freely and openly. It really is a magickal experience but not for the fainthearted.

Tried and tested natural beauty products
Deodorant: This one is tricky as I’ve tried a LOT that haven’t worked! The one that does work for me is Deonat Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick
Shampoo & Conditioner: MooGoo Milk Shampoo This is so good that it cured a friends chronic dandruff and itchy scalp for good after they’d tried every (chemical) product on the market. Lavera Colour & Shine Conditioner Organic Mango and Avocado Although I don’t colour my hair, this conditioner is wonderful for softening before I run a wide tooth comb through my hair as I don’t brush it in-between washes and it can get VERY knotty.
Cleanser: MooGoo Oil Cleansing Method -Oily Skin I love how gentle and nourishing this cleanser is, especially in winter. I only use it at night though. In the morning, I just wash my face with water. No need for cleansers when you’ve only been sleeping!
Moisturiser: Jurlique Calendula Cream is very calming for my sensitive skin.
Sunscreen: Coconut oil for incidental exposure and I’m still trying to find my favourite natural body one.
Makeup: Most days I don’t wear a thing, but if I’m dressing up I’ll use Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner which is a pen that does the finest lines above your lashes and doesn’t smudge or flake off. Ecco Bella Mascara (which does smudge and flake a little – but I do rub my eyes a bit). Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation which is very light and dewy. Jane Iredale PurePressed Base which is good for a little more coverage.

Any others you love: Yes! My 3 Best Natural Beauty Buys and Hurraw! lip balms which have only premium, organic, vegan, raw ingredients. My very favourite is the Moon Balm which is neutral in colour and flavour. If anyone reading still has a red tube of Lucas Pawaw Ointment – throw it out!!! I used this for over 10 years and there was a reason why my desert island item was lip balm! I couldn’t be without it. It dried my lips out so I needed to have it on hand always. I had tubes everywhere, in my handbag, beach bag, car, friend’s houses. My lips were so dry if it wasn’t lathered on. But it contains Petroleum Jelly and Wax which was first discovered on oil rigs and in it’s chemically unrefined state was BLACK “rod wax”. Anything containing petroleum jelly or wax has been banished in my house including the childhood staple Vaseline. Anyway, since ditching the petroleum containing products and switching to Hurraw! and Suvana Certified Organic Pawpaw & Honey Balm my lips have never been happier. I can actually go without lip balm and they feel fine. It is a miracle. A miracle, I tell you! :o)

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Janneke Williamson :: Mother Nourish :: Fabulous Female Friday