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Janneke Williamson Fabulous Female Friday

Janneke Williamson :: Mother Nourish :: Fabulous Female Friday

How would your biggest fan describe what you do? 

Oh gosh… ummm.. I guess they would say that I turn healthy food into delicious delights, throw on a piece of parsley or some bee pollen then snap it gram it and blog it. They would say that I love fermenting and making healthy chocolate and that I’m passionate about inspiring others to lead a healthy and happy life.

What’s lighting up your world at the moment?

I really love working on my blog. It’s something that I never thought I would do or even imagine doing but I kind of started it by accident and discovered that it incorporated all my skills and passions together. I love food. I love health. I love taking photos. And I love the whole sharing element.. instagram is great for sharing your creativity but also being inspired by everyone else. It’s a real community. It’s something that I don’t really think about I just do and that’s what I love about it. When I’m conjuring up recipes, or shopping for fresh produce, or cooking, or photographing my little creations I’m in the flow.

I’m having a great time working on a few new exciting Mother Nourish projects.. from recipe based projects to documentary films.. definitely wearing way too many hats but trying to hone them into just a few and focus on just a couple.

What is your morning routine? 

The first thing I do when I wake up is give my little darling and my big darling a squeeze and a kiss and tell them I love them. Then I usually have a glass of warm water with either apple cider vinegar or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Then I have a glass of aminos, a cup of roobois tea, make something for brekky like a green smoothie, pancakes, eggs or chia pudding then time permitting we will all go for a walk down to the beach.

What’s burning a hole in your playlist? (Even if it’s embarrassing) 

The Wiggles!!!! Oh no! Actually no.. we are encouraging Banjo to listen to an array of music and he loves dancing around after dinner. He likes to go and turn the music on and dance around.. We have a stereo that has a CD player in it still and that’s the only thing he knows how to work.. unfortunately it’s been a while since I’ve actually bought a CD (thanks to iTunes) so often its Rebirth of Cool Five or something like that.. he’s getting quite the taste of Michael Jackson and Bob Marley too. He likes the retro stuff.

What qualities make someone sparkle?

You can always tell a happy person by the twinkle in their eye. I think self love and love for all beings makes someone sparkle. Kindness, generosity, a good sense of humour and happiness. And not worrying too much.. don’t take it all too seriously.

What is your favourite quote?

Life is a journey not a destination.

What book would you recommend to your younger self?

Nourishing Traditions… wish I read that in high school!

Where do you eat out?

My favourite birthday treat out is Seans Panaroma.. LOVE

Favourite vietnamese is Phamish in Darlinghurst

Bondi Wholefoods is my local hang that never disappoints

and Bills in Bondi for breakfast is always a winner.

Tell us what you ate yesterday. (Be honest! ;o)

Gosh I’ll have to check my instagram haha

I had a green smoothie for breakfast, a leftover pork salad with lots of herbs and sauerkraut for lunch and Rory made me a grass fed lamb rack for dinner with roast cauliflower.

On a perfect day, what would you do?

Dance around in the garden with my little boy and my husband after eating something ridiculously delicious for breakfast, then I’d go and lay on a beach under a palm tree reading a book, then I’d have a long luxurious lunch of delicious food at a remote place on a picnic rug. For the afternoon I would have tea and homemade chocolate with my whole family and all my friends, followed by a snooze then a romantic dinner with my husband.

What makes your heart sing?

Wild thing. Sorry couldn’t resist that. Watching my little boy grow up and see his personality develop every day. He has such a big spirit and is always jumping around dancing around having fun. He is the embodiment of joy and that’s exactly what he fills my life with. He never ceases to amaze me and always puts a big grin on my face.. even during the challenging times.

How do you want to feel? (Your Core Desired Feelings)

Joy, Happiness, Love, Gratitude, Contentment

What do you wish you’d known when you were 22?

How to make sauerkraut.

What are your favourite new discoveries of the moment? 

I’m fascinated by the Blue Zones and what it is that makes some people have the key to longevity.

Go-to peeps

Massage: Icebergs by the pool… love the sound of the waves crashing and they’re pretty reasonable

Facials: North Bondi Sage Beauty – a mazing

Healers: Dharma Shala Yoga in North Bondi

Natural Therapists: Kath Watson from Dharma Shala does amazing one on one yoga

Anyone else you’d like to shout out to: check out Bubbayumyum for nourishing family food filled with love, Spell Designs for amazing threads, Lizzy Williamson for fitness inspo and That Sugar Film for a big reminder to check the label before you buy anything ‘edible’.

Tried and tested natural beauty products

My dear friend has Vanessa Megan skincare and I can’t rave about it enough.. She really cares about what you put on your skin and it’s guaranteed to have no nasties in it.

Deodorant: Vanessa Megan or Weleda Rose

Shampoo & Conditioner: Vanessa Megan or Acura

Cleanser: My favourite cleanser is Kosmea Rose cleanser (I love anything Rose!)

Moisturiser: Vanessa Megan Marine Collagen Night cream.. it’s the bomb!

Sunscreen: Grahams natural sunscreen

Makeup: I mix up my own using some mineral make up and calendula oil

Any others you love: I’m wearing 100% Pure mascara at the moment and loving Zuji blush

Oh and have you tried Dr Organic Pomegranate Toothpaste??!! It’s the best natural one I’ve found.

Connect with me

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Sacha Marie here. So what did you think of my first fabulous female? I think she’s pretty swell. Here’s the link to Nourish Chocolate, Janneke’s homemade raw chocolate recipe. A great one to try over this Easter long weekend!

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Want to know the best masseuse?
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