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Jenna Black Fabulous Female Friday

Jenna Black Fabulous Female Friday

Jenna Black :: Marketing, Branding and Online Business Consultant :: Fabulous Female Friday

How would your biggest fan describe what you do? I help coaches and solopreneurs radiate, resonate and innovate online with branding and marketing!

What’s lighting up your world at the moment? I’ve just made a free ecourse to help coaches and solopreneurs market themselves authentically and reach more hearts online! I’m loving the awesome feedback. It’s so nice to see people getting results!

What is your morning routine? I wake up and drink a huge glass of water, then head for my morning run around the local park. When I get back I make a green smoothie or eggs and avo and then sit down to start working. I always check off my big ticket item on my to do list first thing, then the rest of the day just feels easier!

What’s burning a hole in your playlist? (Even if it’s embarrassing) Beyonce. I love everything she does!

What qualities make someone sparkle? Inner strength, compassion for others and the ability to laugh at yourself!

What is your favourite quote? Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground – Theodore Roosevelt

What book would you recommend to your younger self? The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

Tell us what you ate yesterday. (Be honest! ;o) Egg and avo on sourdough toast, Chicken and feta salad and a sweet potato and pork salad for dinner. And…a dark chocolate easter egg!

Where do you eat out? Mostly around Paddington and Bondi as that’s my local hood. I prefer to eat brunch or breakfast out than any other meal!

On a perfect day, what would you do? I’d want to watch the sun rise somewhere over the water then I would head to brunch with all of my favourite friends, hop on a boat around the harbour and enjoy the sun, finished by a cheeky wine and cheese plate while watching the sun set on the beach! Yep, I’m a hopeless romantic..

List 3 things that make your heart sing. Seeing people who are fulfilling their life goals and dreams and have serious gratitude and love for their life. My goal is to make more people aligned with their jobs, so they never work another day in their life!

How do you want to feel? (Your Core Desired Feelings) Empowered. Aligned.  Compassionate. Beautiful

What do you wish you’d known when you were 22? That clarity only comes after you take the windy and sometimes difficult path to get there. I also wish I’d known that taking risks in life is a good thing and shouldn’t be feared!

What are your favourite new discoveries of the moment? Book – The Desire Map. Apps – Evernote. Mindset – That simplicity is fulfilling and nourishing.

Go-to peeps

Massage: Endota spa

Healers: I do my own with Aesop skincare :)

Healers: My kinesiologist Kiersten –

Tried and tested natural beauty products

Deodorant: Fresca

Shampoo & Conditioner: Aveda

Cleanser: Sukin

Moisturiser: Aesop or People for Plants

Sunscreen: Eco Tan natural sunscreen

Makeup: Bare Blossom mineral powder & People for Plants lipcare range

Connect with me

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Jenna is so gorgeous and warm. I’ve done her free ecourse 15 Days to Digital Biz Brilliance, and it’s got golden advice and immediately implementable tools in there. I encourage you to do it yourself if you have an online biz.

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I am in the South of France at the moment for my best friend’s wedding with gorgeous views and intermittent internet. We went truffle hunting with two cute little dogs leading the way this afternoon. Definitely not your average day!

Sending you some French lovin’…

Sacha Marie x

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