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Joanna Turner Fabulous Female Friday

Joanna Turner :: Mission for Balance :: Fabulous Female Friday

How would your biggest fan describe what you do? My biggest fan would say I make some pretty difficult topics fun! I help create breakthroughs and shifts that you wouldn’t expect, and uncover issues that are holding you back, that you maybe don’t even know exist!  I help you lose weight without a focus on diet or exercise by overcoming emotional eating, to gain the confidence to date again. I also do some work with money blocks for you business and recently received the most beautiful testimonial, my client said she was ‘on a high ever since’ and felt ‘so incredibly empowered’ after our call, that is what I want to achieve for everyone, I believe we can all live amazing lives, and shouldn’t settle for anything less!

Stress, anxiety, emotional eating & limiting beliefs are tricky subjects but with coaching, EFT & NLP you can easily overcome them.

What’s lighting up your world at the moment? I’ve had a really exciting few weeks, I’ve had a couple of great speaking gigs, one on Natural Stress & anxiety management, the other on EFT for emotional eating and hosted another cravings workshop. I’ve also launched my first ever ebook, Swipe Right for Mr. Right:The Ultimate Guide to Think Right & Eat Right to gain the confidence to attract Mr. Right! It’s a fun look at internet dating and how i’d been pushing men away, without even realizing plus how I overcame emotional eating and lost 25kgs! (you can download it here for free

Other cool things, I haven’t told anyone yet but I’ve just been asked to Co-author a book with my mentor Tony Robbins’ mentor, it’s an amazing opportunity and it will be out in June!

I’m also excited to announce that i’ll be launching a course in May called Think Right & Eat Right: An 8 week Tele-class to free yourself from emotional eating, feel confident to begin dating!

I’m also starting a series of really cool 1:1 intensives all over the world, as I normally coach over Skype this is a great opportunity to work with me in person, and an amazing way to get quick results, I’ll be hosting them in Sydney, Paris, Edinburgh, LA and Florence this year.

What is your morning routine? Three days a week it’s a HIIT bootcamp at 6.15am, but I also like to make some time to start my day with gratitude and set my daily intentions, it’s so important to start the day in a positive way, if I don’t do it, I really notice a difference! It doesn’t have to take forever, 5-10mins is really effective.

What’s burning a hole in your playlist? Top Tracks in Australia on Spotify, I might sing a bit of Sam Smith, Stay with me at the top of my voice, my flattie loves it! :)

What qualities make someone sparkle? A joy for life, positivity and a wicked sense of humour!

What is your favourite quote? So many, at the moment “The world around you is a mirror of your mind” Haruko Nara

What book would you recommend to your younger self? The book that started me on this journey 7 years ago was ‘The Secret’, it was a good, gentle  introduction to the personal development world, just wish I’d read it sooner!

Where do you eat out? I love healthy cafes, I’m from Coogee, so I practically live in Oneness cafe!

Tell us what you ate yesterday. A green juice with wheat-grass, a bowl of raw, vegan homemade granola with oats, cacao, cinnamon, coconut, banana and almonds (and a few other weird and wonderful ingredients), a big spinach and chicken salad, a couple of protein balls.

On a perfect day, what would you do? Meditate, go a coastal walk, have a swim, get a massage, meet a friend for a catch up, phone my mum, have a nap, then go for a lovely dinner with friends. (i’m lucky that happens quite a lot (the nap not so much)!)

What makes your heart sing? Seeing my clients and have huge breakthroughs and transforming themselves, I was on a high the other day after a few calls, knowing that I play a small part in it lights me up!

How do you want to feel? Happy, Free, Loved, Fulfilled & Secure.

What do you wish you’d known when you were 22? I wish I’d known about EFT, and how I could let go of the issues I didn’t even know I had, that were holding me back. Also to care less about what other people think. And to start giving back, at 22 I was very selfish, although i was working full-time and studying, so maybe i’ll give myself a bit of a break, but now being a surf lifesaver, it gives me back so much more than I give, and i feel like part of the community.

What are your favourite new discoveries of the moment? mBraining (and extension of NLP) & Great Lakes gelatin.

Go-to peeps

Massage: Coby du Preez- he’s booked out months in advance!

Facials: I rarely get them, but recently tried microdermabrasion before my photo-shoot last month.

Healers: Ryan Canavan, my Chiro, he is amazing with dry needles, my fav thing!

Anyone else you’d like to shout out to: Jaimee Leigh Curtis, a fab make-up artist, who also teaches you how to apply it and about confidence and inner beauty!

Tried and tested natural beauty products

Deodorant: Dr Organics or Axilla Deodorant paste (Black chicken) i tried so many, these actually work!

Shampoo & Conditioner: Al’Chemy

Cleanser: Coconut Oil as make-up remover, Nude daily cleanser

Moisturiser: Coconut Oil or Sukin

Sunscreen: I’ve tried so many, and still looking for the perfect one but Dr Mercola or Invisible Zinc are decent.

Makeup: Nude, Ere Perez, La Mav BB cream, RMS Mascara

Any others you love: Butter nail polish

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Wow! Joanna has it all going on, doesn’t she? I just love her energy and her adorable Scottish accent just tickles your ear! If you have any questions for Joanna, you can ask them in the comments below.

My Desire Map Workshop is less than a month away on Sunday 3 May. Feel free to check it out here if it piques your interest.

Have a beautiful weekend lovelies.

Sacha Marie x

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Try This Tuesday :: Marie Kondo Your Wardrobe
Try This Tuesday :: Granola