Can a computer know me better than myself?
A Month of Sunrises

Jack Frost has come to town. He’s brought the rain and winds and cold weather on so fast that everywhere I turn, people are sneezing and sniffling and catching colds and flus all over the place.

I caught one last Monday and it was not fun. Everyone I spoke to over the phone said “You don’t sound well” “You sound like you have a nasty cold” despite doing my best impression of my normal voice. The next day though, apart from sniffles, I was all good. I put it down to the many natural remedies I implemented that I’ve picked up over the years.

As a child, my Mama would not give me cough syrup when I had a cold or cough. She always advocated for letting the body heal naturally. My best friend’s mum always gave her cough syrup when she wasn’t well and I once had a fight with my Ma saying “You don’t want me to get better, you just want me to stay sick, otherwise you’d give me cough syrup!”

Geez. Sorry about that Ma! Thankfully I grew up to share her approach to wanting to heal naturally. When you’re sick, your body is giving you signs to slow down, rest and recuperate. It’s important to listen to those signs.

Given half a chance, the body can heal itself.

Over the years I have picked up so many natural healing techniques and with them I kicked the worst of my cold in one day so I wanted to share them with you for this winter season. I figured laying it out as a day in the life of a cold would help.

A Day in the Life of a Cold.

Get Hot and Steamy

Wake up and have a shower to get some steam into your lungs to open your airways up.

Nourish Your Nose

Use a beautiful, nourishing cream or oil for your nose to protect it. Using barrier creams like Lucas Paw Paw is no good! It contains petroleum – yes – like the stuff you put in your car! It doesn’t actually nourish your skin at all. You want something that sinks in to your skin and nourishes and soothes it. I used Moo Goo Tamanu Oil and Metta Skincare Face Balm and my nose did not get it’s usual red, cracked dryness, just a couple of flakes.

Tea Tree Tonsils

Put face oil and/or cream all over your face and neck, and then apply tea tree oil directly onto your glands and neck. Its important to put on face oil and/or cream first as neat tea tree oil is very strong and could burn your skin. Apply a nourishing layer to your skin first, then test a small spot with tea tree and wait a minute or two to see if it’s too strong for you. If it feels okay, apply it all over your glands, around your neck and behind your ears.

Sniff Tea Tree Oil

Cover one nostril at a time and sniff the tea tree oil to try and open your airways.

The Magickal Elixir

Warm some chicken broth with minced fresh garlic and finely grated ginger added. Whilst it warms, squeeze the juice of half a lemon in your cup. Try not to boil the broth, just warm it to drinking temperature. Pour the broth, garlic and ginger potion on top of the lemon juice and sip the remedy.

R E S T (sung in the tune of Y M C A)

Rest and more rest and maybe skip yoga, work, and any other commitments for the day. Work does not want you there to spread your germs. Don’t be a snot soldier. Stay home.

Drink Me

Sip on lemon and honey drink throughout the day. I use the juice of half a lemon and first pour some cold water on top as pouring boiling water straight on the lemon juice will kill some of the vitamin C, then add the hot water on top and a teaspoon of honey. It should be of drinkable temperature straight away.

Listen! Your Body is Talking

Listen to your body and hunger cues. You might notice you’re not as hungry when you’re sick. This is because most of your energy is usually taken up by digestion and when you’re sick, your body needs that energy to fight the infection and make you better. If you’re hungry, by all means, satiate it, but be present and notice if you’re not as hungry as usual and follow your hunger cues to eat when you are hungry.

Savour Slow Cooked Meals

Slow cooked meals are much easier for you body to digest and retain vital nutrients. I use grass fed organic meats in bone broth and organic tinned tomatoes with lots of onion, garlic, ginger and veggies.

Treat Yo’self

Do something nice for yourself. Have a bath, curl up with a book, watch a beautiful film. Treat yourself kindly.


Go to bed early and rest yourself.


I hope these help if you or a loved one get sick this winter.

Perhaps you’d like to share this post with any runny noses you know ;o)

Do you have any natural remedies you turn to when you are under the weather? They might be the exact remedy that makes someone else better so please share away in the comments below.

Wishing you a winter of good health and great classic hits.

Sacha Marie x


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Can a computer know me better than myself?
A Month of Sunrises