Kind Words

“Sacha has this infectious energy you want to be around. She is warm, open, loving and authentic. Being in her presence is like giving yourself a giant hug.”
Melissa Ambrosini ~ Bestselling Author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Speaker, Self love teacher ~ Sydney, Australia
“I attended one of Sacha’s Desire Map Workshops and absolutely loved the experience and her warm and engaging manner. I had been thinking about seeking a health coach and when I found out Sacha also did health coaching with private clients, I was excited by the opportunity to work with her. Sacha exudes positivity and creativity and I knew working with her would inspire me to keep making changes in my life towards a healthier and happier existence. Over 6 months I have achieved more than I could have imagined across all areas of my life, not only my health but my relationships and my career plans also. The coaching sessions were relaxed and a comfortable environment for me to talk openly and for us to agree goals for the week ahead and then for me to follow up in between the sessions, to really start seeing results. The biggest change for me has been learning to speak my truth, openly and from my heart and taking greater care of both my spiritual and physical health. If you are wanting to make positive changes to your life and want a coach to work with you and hold you accountable along the journey, I highly recommend Sacha as the perfect partner to support you and get you the amazing results you deserve.”
Marnie Trollope ~ Health Coach ~ Sydney, Australia
“Having Sacha Marie’s support and hand to hold as I worked hard to achieve my goals felt so rewarding. Sacha Marie showed me that goals I felt were way out of reach were actually close enough to taste. I always felt I could ask her anything and felt comfortable and open to trying new approaches.
I was loving my program so much that when Sacha Marie announced she will be running a Desire Map workshop I insisted on being #1 on the attendee list for the very first round. As always, she did not disappoint, living by my 3 core desire feelings have really provided me with a feeling of clarity and understanding of what really matters to me.
Although I have now completed my programs with Sacha Marie her advice and words of wisdom will support me always as I have learned though her coaching to enjoy the ride and go with the flow.

Lastly.. if you have not tried her Year of Yes, you are missing out!”

Emma Chloe ~ Team leader, Community Services ~ Sydney, Australia
“Reading Sacha’s health, lifestyle and happiness tips and learning about her personal journey along the way helped me reflect upon myself and the life I was leading and the journey I was taking at the beginning of my six month adventure. It felt good to know what Sacha was doing, it felt good to read honest posts on topics that interested me, to be able to connect with Sacha’s stories and try out Sacha’s recipes and recommendations.

I was thrilled to be able to experience her exuberance for life and have her impart her wisdom on me. Six months seems a long time, however in the context of a lifetime, it is not very long at all, yet the impact Health and Lifestyle Coaching has had on my life is phenomenal and I can say with confidence it will be enduring.
Looking back I can feel that now, at this point in time that I have increased energy, a healthier diet and healthier habits in general, increased fitness levels and the motivation to pursue and continue my fitness regime and I am a more confident person.
All this said, the journey has not been a smooth one. If you want change you need to be invested and open to trying new things. I definitely felt resistance to change in my life in certain areas, but once I broke through those barriers I don’t know what I was resisting for, it’s all a forward journey. My mind, body and brain are all so splendidly happy and much more informed, decisions I make are now based on knowledge built up during the rigorous Health and Lifestyle Coaching program. I feel equipped and ready to tackle life and achieve the goals I want to. The program has given me time to reflect on where I am and what it is I am doing.
Sacha keeps a beautiful record of all of the progress, I received helpful information sheets on areas and topics that interested me (from dental hygiene, to time management issues, to self expression) and when I needed more information Sacha found it for me. I kicked unhealthy sugar cravings, coffee cravings, I am more productive and organised. I have greater clarity and joy in my life. Health and Lifestyle Coaching was the catalyst for these positive changes. The discussions I had with Sacha Marie increased my levels of awareness, I feel more accountable, capable and stronger. Sacha Marie’s Health and Lifestyle Coaching is wondrously awesome because of its holistic approach, we have looked at all aspects of life and living and how they all work together and ways to achieve greater harmony and peace. Believe me when I say it is one hell of a journey and you really come out your true and best self.”
 Céleste ~ Photographer ~ Sydney, Australia
Why did you decide to start a 6 Month Program with me?

“I felt generally not right. It wasn’t that I was unhealthy but more a feeling of my energy being dull. I was extremely tired and hadn’t slept well for years. I had a sniffle that never left and I was tired all the time. Generally I had adjusted and gotten used to only operating on half my energy.”

When did you start to feel a difference? What were some of your biggest breakthroughs from our sessions together?

“Almost immediately. For me it was not just about starting to eat better, the first thing that Sacha Marie did was see what worked for me already. It was refreshing to know that I already had some great things that I did that were already helping me but I just hadn’t made them into habits. Sacha Marie helped me identify what they were. Instead of telling me I was doing the wrong thing through the entire process she always referred back to what already worked for me and we built upon that.

Could you explain a bit about a client’s perspective of the coaching process and what it entails? 

“Now for the free fall.

The whole coaching process was incredible. The amazing thing is that at each fortnightly session Sacha Marie helped me set easy achievable goals. At first the goals seemed too small and easy, I had never experienced such gentle and achievable coaching. The goals made such small easy changes that you don’t realise that you are actually making major adjustments that are making you into a different person – the person you wish to be. 

At the start 6 months seemed like it would be too long but it is amazing how fast the program goes by and you need the whole 6 months to make the changes last. It is the small constant sessions and adjustments that made the difference. 

 There were moments that were difficult for me to get through and moments where I just didn’t give myself much credit and at each moment Sacha Marie helped me through the hurdle or block. Her loving, caring and gentle nature, alongside her knowledge of what works for the body and wellbeing, guided me gently through the process. At all times I felt in safe hands. 

 The results are truly amazing, I am sleeping well after years of broken bad sleep. I feel more energised and capable of facing everyday. The best part is that these changes were so gentle that they feel they are part of who I am and not something I just did for 6 months. I feel so different that it’s hard to remember some of the bad habits I used to have.

I can’t recommend this process or Sacha Marie enough. I am a healthier, happier and more energised person and I could not have made these changes on my own.”

Megan Hipwell ~ Director, The Acting Experience ~ ~ Sydney, Australia
“I’m so grateful that my path has crossed with Sacha’s and I that I have been on the receiving end of her heart-felt encouragement and support!

Sacha is so down to earth and has a great sense of humour, and she holds a space where I feel safe, and where I am able to share the deep stuff that I need to work through but so often keep to myself.

Sacha has such a graceful way of getting you to a place where you feel centred, and she offers beautiful, practical and powerful insights that are without judgement.

Sacha has helped me to develop a certain clarity about my life that continues to enrich my daily experience, and each time I speak with her I walk away smiling.”

Sophie Eadie ~ Founder, The Brokenhead Company ~ ~ Byron Bay, Australia
“Sacha Marie has been helping me live a more authentic, healthy and love-filled life.

Her extraordinary ability to intertwine love, health, and happiness, in a practical and accessible way, has truly helped me to grow as a person.

Sacha Marie has given me the tools to manifest habits that have impacted my lifestyle, in the most amazing way. I can’t recommend her highly enough – she has changed my life!”

Courtney Powell ~ Actor ~ ~ New York, USA
“Sacha Marie has continually inspired me with her knowledgeable advice and life experience.

Her straight forward approach, enduring kindness and insight have helped me gain confidence and feel more empowered in every aspect of my life. Her guidance has helped me through many difficult times.

For anyone needing a life coach I would definitely recommend Sacha Marie.”

Tanisha Williams ~ Neonatal Nurse ~ Sydney, Australia
“Sacha always feeds me carrots and veggies. I love her!”
Mustang ~ Bespoke Poney ~ Cazes-Mondenard, France