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016 Meditation

We’ve all heard about the benefits of meditation. It helps with everything from more energy and clarity when we are feeling depleted, to better sleep and relaxation during times of stress and just about everything in between.

For many years I liked the IDEA of meditation but told myself that I didn’t have the time. Who has 1 hour to sit around doing nothing?! And that was the other thing. I was not very good at sitting still and just the thought of not thinking about anything bothered me. That was until a wise friend showed me the easiest way into meditation.

3 minute meditation

Everyone can find 3 minutes in their day! To start out you can do it anywhere, in your bedroom, at your desk, it really doesn’t matter where.

Meditation in it’s simplest form is breathing. Just concentrating on your breath. You don’t have to not have a thought for 3 minutes. You can just still your mind, focus on your breathing and when a thought pops up, don’t pay it any heed, let it wash away. It really is much easier than it sounds.

Here’s what I did

8:59 am  Slowly Stretch and Sit

9:00 am Medi

9:03 am Morning Intentions

I put a gentle, melodic, soft alarm tone in my phone (Slow Rise for iPhone users)  to go off every week day at the same time. It was labelled “Slowly Stretch and Sit” so that when I heard it I would drop what I was doing and go to my chair which I sat cross legged in and did a few stretches to prepare me to sit still for a few minutes.

Another soft alarm tone (Ripples for iPhone) was set for one minute after the first alarm at which point I would sit cross legged, straighten my spine whilst tucking my chin, rest my hands face up in my lap and close my eyes.

I would focus on breathing slowly in and out through my nose, breathing deep into my belly. If thoughts came, I would try not to focus on them but gently shift my focus back to my breathing.

My last alarm was set for 3 minutes later when I would slowly open my eyes and go about my day.

I found this process helpful as it really geared me to get into the habit of doing it every week day at the same time. I would have to drop whatever I was doing and this really helped to make it part of my morning ritual or sadhana. I found that I was more productive, more peaceful, more present and more focused when I meditated.

Got 3 minutes down. What’s next? 

When it was easy to do 3 minutes each day, I set a second alarm set for the afternoon and did three minutes then as well. The next step after this was to slowly increase the duration of my meditations. It has been such a helpful way in for me.

The other suggestion I have is to try guided meditations. There are many free resources for guided meditations, you just need to find one you like. This is also helpful if you want to meditate somewhere where wearing headphones would help you switch off from the outside world, like if you are not alone in the room or you are on a plane or in a park.

I invite you to try doing one 3 Minute Medi every day for a week and take note of how you feel. Just put the alarms in your phone so you don’t have to think about it. It is so easy and a beautiful way to honour yourself for 3 minutes out of your day.

Have you ever tried to meditate? What was your experience like? Do you have any other tips for meditation you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them.

Sacha Marie x

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Ange Law :: Back to Bircher :: Fabulous Female Friday
Jenna Black :: Marketing, Branding and Online Business Consultant :: Fabulous Female Friday