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Hello sweet friends!

As you may have seen from my photos, I have been travelling for the past few weeks. I was in the South of France for my best friend’s wedding which was beautiful. The famed Mistral winds added a fun amount of dramatic flair to the day as did the bride and groom doing capoeira and telling their story with their first dance! We also stayed in Paris and even though Paris and I started off on the wrong foot when I was a 19 year old backpacker, I was ready to turn over a new leaf with her this time and really enjoyed it. On the way home we stayed in Dubai for a few days where I had a dip in (or got thrown around the rough seas of) the Persian Gulf, went on a Sand Dune Safari, saw inside a beautiful Mosque and visited The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Up until I googled it just now, I believed the story I was told that there were some of the lost ruins of Atlantis in the Aquarium tanks! Oh, how I am a believer! If you didn’t yet get to see my pics, you can check them out on instagram (sachamariecurtis) and facebook (SachaMarieCurtisSMC).

This Wednesday, I am going on a 10 day silent meditation retreat. No talking, no reading, no writing, no music, no iPhone for 10 days. Just Vipassana meditation. And this is the girl who won “Little Miss Chatterbox” at her Year 12 Graduation. Eeep. I am really looking forward to it as it’s my 32nd birthday present to myself and it’s been on my mind since my first naturopath suggested it when I was 19. So I will be off the airwaves for the next couple of weeks.

I can not wait to get back though, because two exciting things will be happening – my birthday and my next Desire Map Workshop! The workshop will be on Sunday 12 July from 9am-5pm at The Wild Kombucha Bar and Art-Food-Medicine Collaboratory in Leichhardt, Sydney. It is an amazing new space and will house our intimate workshop perfectly. Places are being snapped up, so please email me before Wednesday if you would like to secure your place.

Here’s what some of the attendees from my last Desire Map Workshop had to say:

“Wonderful process for someone seeking clarity around how to prioritise and connect with what is really going to make them happy. Sacha Marie creates a lovely, safe, supportive, graceful atmosphere with lots of lovely personal touches. Food was wonderful too! Feel very nourished in my body and soul.” Kate Gratwicke, Founder and Chief Thinker at Best Life Tribe, bestlifetribe.com

“If you are lacking direction in your life or are unsure of how to proceed or take the next step, this can really help open your mind to what it is you really want in life and help you begin to achieve it.” Tanisha Williams, Mother and Neonatal Nurse.

“Thank you so much! I loved all of today. I feel nourished on the inside and outside so that I can shine my passion and weave my magic.” Annie Costa Wiseby, CEO at The Art of Sacred Living, www.artofsacredliving.net

“Invest this small amount in yourself for a big return. It’s worth it and you are worth it.” Tahira Matthews, Director at Stark Matthews PR Agency, www.starkmatthews.com.au

At the top is a picture from my last Desire Map Workshop and I hope you can join me at the next one on Sun 12 July! Have a beautiful start to Winter and enjoy those last crunchy leaves to stomp on, pulling out your colourful scarves and beanies and sipping on liquorice and mint teas.

All my love,

Sacha Marie x

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Heidi Moore :: This Whole Life :: Fabulous Female Friday
Zhanna Dijkstra :: Holistic Health Coach & Raw Food Chef :: Fabulous Female Friday