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Put Your Hand Up If You’re A Martyr

Is your hand up in the air (even in your head)? Not many people like being a member of the Martyr Club but a lot of us are. Sometimes without even knowing it.

For me, it goes something like this – Eldest child. Bossy boots. Organiser. Reliable. These are

What’s Holding You Back?


That was the word that first came out when I was asked how I wanted to feel recently. I wanted to feel free. So I got to asking myself what was keeping me from feeling free?

I think that we all have things that hold us back. That tame us,

My Favourite Sydney Joints For Healthy Foodies

I loooooovvvveee going out to dine and trying new places to eat. It can be tricky to find the healthier restaurants in Sydney though. So for your culinary enjoyment, here is a list of my favourite healthy restaurants in Sydney. They vary from organic to paleo to vegetarian

Hot Chocolate

It’s cold outside and you’re craving something warm and comforting.

Enter healthy HoCho!

Easy, delicious & healthier than your standard hot chocolate.

It has good fats (coconut oil) to slow your body’s absorption of the sweetener (maple syrup). This will keep you satisfied for longer instead of causing a blood sugar surge that’ll


A dear friend of mine called me from a Health Food store the other day. She was feeling very tired, like she was on the precipice of getting sick and was calling to ask my advice on the vitamins that she was about to purchase.

She hoped that the

What is a Health Coach?

What on earth is a Health Coach?

I find myself answering this one a lot :o)

Health Coaching is a process of self-discovery.  It is the alchemy of turning your personal goals into reality.

Through the support and guidance of a Health Coach you will be taken on a journey of

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips! 

They are the perfect antidote to a cold day. They’re warm and nourishing and are so good for you, even though they taste like a treat!

They make your skin glow.

Brightly coloured vegetables and fruits can help brighten your skin. Sweet potatoes contain a combination of skin

My 3 Best Beauty Buys

Did you know that your skin absorbs every product you put on it? Then each ingredient finds its way into your blood stream.

Makes natural skin care sound even more appealing, huh?

I’ve been using natural products for a while now. When I find something I love, I’m the kinda gal

Let’s Have A Drink!

Saturday was so beautiful.

It was a lovely 20 degree winter’s day so the Frenchy and I went for a walk, visited the markets, then wandered along the beach. As I was trying to teach him to do a handstand (hilarious), it hit me.

An almighty headache. It was an awful, head pounding one.

The 5 Ingredient Rule

Do you check the ingredient labels on the back of packaged foods?

I never used to. I thought that people who looked at labels were obsessing over calories and fat content, and that was never something I wanted to concern myself with.

Now? I couldn’t be more different. I check the label

Have Anything You Want

What comes up for you when I say the word BALANCE?

For most of my life I have regarded balance with the highest disdain. It was not something that I ever aspired to, was at all attracted to or in fact wanted anything to do with.

I thought that balance was

Almond & Berry Chocolate in 10min


Did that catch your attention? I la la la love chocolate and have been a not-so-secret member of Chocoholics Anonymous my entire life.

It used to be the good ol’ purple dairy milk that floated my boat but NOW – I am having a much healthier love affair