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Party Popper Life

How many party poppers do you have going off in your life?

And by this I mean, how much do you celebrate?

Big wins, small wins, promotions, completions of big tasks, commemorating lovely days as well as the usual birthdays and anniversaries?

I am a big fan of the party popper. Sparklers too ;o)

I let them off at every chance I get.

My birthday is on Saturday and I do something to commemorate it every year. My friends know that there’ll be something happening. So much so that when I’ve been late to organise it, some thought they weren’t invited(!) I love the act of celebrating. I find it is a huge key to joy in my life.

I also celebrate the date my Frenchie got his Australian visa, the day he arrived in Australia, the day we first met, the day we first said I love you. We don’t need to buy each other presents for each of these (though we used to!) or even go out. Just knowing that it’s a special day and saying “Happy visa day my love!” can be a great source of happiness to both of us.

I also make sure that we celebrate when one of us gets a new job or promotion or has a life win. It’s such a nice thing to do and really makes life sparkle.

And it’s not always with my partner. I do this with my friends, sisters and colleagues too. You can let off a party popper with anyone! It’s all about the act of celebration. You can even do it by yourself. Do something to treat yourself that you really want to do. It could be watching back to back episodes of Girls, or a movie that makes you bawl your eyes out (for me it’s The Last 5 Years – see it) or booking a massage or a facial. Any way that you can bring joy to yourself and make yourself feel special. And doing it for others gives you extra warm and fuzzies!

So how soon can you let off a party popper? What’s coming up (or has just passed) that you can celebrate? It can be for yourself or someone else in your life. They joy you feel in celebrating will be there no matter whom it’s for when it’s a conscious act.

May this be the reminder you need to create joy and sparkles in your life. I celebrate YOU for taking the time to read this and ponder how it could enhance your life. May it be full of rainbow colours.

All my love,

Sacha Marie x

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Zhanna Dijkstra :: Holistic Health Coach & Raw Food Chef :: Fabulous Female Friday
Sophie Eadie :: The Brokenhead Company :: Fabulous Female Friday