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Tegan Westra Fabulous Female Friday

Tegan Westra Fabulous Female Friday

Tegan Westra :: Body Love Wellness Coach + EFT Practitioner :: Fabulous Female Friday

How would your biggest fan describe what you do? They would probably say that I love sprinkling body positive vibes into the lives of women near and far and I do that with the help of a magical energy healing technique known as EFT. When I’m not doing one of those two things, you’ll usually find me making a delicious mess in the kitchen, elbow deep in a bowl of cacao and coconut oil something-a-rather or frolicking outdoors in the sunshine.

What’s lighting up your world at the moment? I love creating freebies for my beautiful online community to help them along on their body love journey. You can access them all over on my free resources page here ( I also have a private Facebook group that you’re welcome to join where you can connect with and feel uplifted by other like minded ladies

What is your morning routine? Oil pulling, followed by a big glass of warm water with fresh lemon, chlorophyll and vitamin c powder (great for detoxification and clear skin) and a few rounds of EFT depending on what I have on for the day.

What’s burning a hole in your playlist? (Even if it’s embarrassing) ‘Young’ by Vallis Alps, ‘Human’ by Kagu and ‘My Love’ by Route 94 when it’s time to dance!

What are your favourite apps? I’ve been listening to a few good podcasts lately so I’d have to say Podcast Addict. Evernote is a lifesaver to keep my thoughts and to-do’s in one place and Audible because I love books but never have time to read so I listen on the go instead.

What book would you recommend to your younger self? ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay or ‘Women, Food and God’ by Geneen Roth – two books that have had a huge positive impact on my life and I sometimes wish I’d discovered them earlier.

Tell us what you ate yesterday. (Be honest! ;o) Breakfast – Eggs cooked in coconut oil with mushrooms and half an avo. Snack – Chia pudding and a bliss ball. Lunch – Thai with friends – green chicken curry + a spring roll. Dinner – Slow cooked pulled beef with lots of veggies.

Where do you eat out? I’ve been spending lots of time in Melbourne lately and discovered a little shop called Green Press who do the best smoothies, salads and acai bowls. Grateful to have found somewhere to keep me nourished away from home. When I’m in Canberra an absolute fav is Local Press in Kingston. Their menu is always spot on. And Superfine for coffee.

On a perfect day, what would you do? Wake up at 6.30am, cuddles, eggs, mushrooms and avo for brekky or a nourishing smoothie, some reading, sunshine, client sessions, catch ups with friends, a big leafy green salad, an aerial yoga class, a massage, some wine and a romantic dinner with my love.

List 3 things that make your heart sing. Food that nourishes me, my loved ones, the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives by doing work that I love every day.

How do you want to feel? (Your Core Desired Feelings) Empowered, community, love.

What’s one life lesson you’ve learned that you would teach a daughter? Act from a place of love in every moment, it will never lead you astray.

The last time you had a breakthrough epiphany, what did you learn? It wasn’t the last one that I had but this year I’ve really been guided by a quote that I read which is simply ‘If it no longer serves you, let it go’ and that can represent anything from thoughts, feelings and emotions to relationships weighing you down, physical belongings and anything else that’s preventing you from living the kind of life you dream of.

Go-to peeps

Massage: I’m yet to book in but my friend Fillippa from Sukara Wellbeing specialises in Aurevedic massage and I hear it’s divine!

Healers: My Kinesiologist Kate from is amazing.

Natural Thearapists: Everyone from Live Well Spa and Wellness in Manuka is fabulous.

Tried and tested natural beauty products

Deodorant: I make my own with a combination of coconut oil, bicarb soda and sage and grapefruit essential oils – it’s the best natural version I’ve ever tried.

Shampoo & Conditioner: Mukti Organics

Cleanser: Maa Organics

Moisturiser: Maa Organics

Sunscreen: Coconut oil

Makeup: Ere Perez Mascara

Connect with me

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How lovely is Tegan? She is such a sweetheart with a real passion for helping women grow and bloom. If you’d like to ask her any questions or leave her a message you can do so in the comments below :o)

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Have a grand ‘ol weekend sweet friends.

Sacha Marie x

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