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013 Tongue Scraping

Okay. So. You brush your teeth morning and night and maybe some of you floss daily too and that should be enough, no?

Well I’m here to introduce one quick thing to your mouth cleaning regime that you will never look back from.

Tongue Scraping.

Tongue scraping gets rid of that whiteish / yellow coating that builds up on your tongue. What is that stuff? It’s a yummo combination of toxins, bacteria and food debris. This odorous bacterial coating not only causes bad breath but can also contribute to gum disease and tooth decay.

Overnight, our bodies detoxify and some of those toxins are deposited onto the surface of our tongue. If they are not scraped away, we re-absorb them.

Go to a mirror and stick your tongue out. Is it perfectly pink or does it have some of that coating on it?

Can’t I just use a toothbrush?

Not if you want to remove the toxins you can’t. Around 50% of our oral bacteria lives on our tongue.  A toothbrush just stirs them up and swooshes them around your mouth. A tongue scraper actually removes the build up.

Your mouth feels cleaner than ever before.

Kind of like the feeling after you get a professional clean at the dentist or the first time you use an electric toothbrush, tongue scraping gives your mouth a clean feeling that is kind of addictive. Your mouth feels fresh and oh so kissable!

What to do.

Upon waking and before drinking anything go to the bathroom, and wet the curve of your tongue scraper. Hold both ends between your thumb and side of your forefinger (like I am demonstrating with my right hand in the picture). Stick your tongue out and place the tongue scraper at the back of your tongue. Drag the tongue scraper forward in a gentle but firm movement. Check out all the build up you’ve removed! Pretty gross, huh? Rinse the build up off the tongue scraper then scrape your tongue again about five times until you no longer remove any build up.

Then, brush your teeth as normal.

I do this both morning and night and have made several life converts out of even the biggest sceptics of this method. Will you be my next? ;o)

Tongue scrapers can be found at good health food stores. I’ve checked online for you to find the closest one to my model here. Stainless steel tongue scrapers are the best.

Have you ever used a tongue scraper before? Are you now interested in trying it? What colour is your tongue? ;o) Let me know in the comments below.

Sacha Marie x

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Jenna Black :: Marketing, Branding and Online Business Consultant :: Fabulous Female Friday
Heidi Moore :: This Whole Life :: Fabulous Female Friday