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Year of Yes

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution? I have never really been one to make them. I felt like they were blithe attempts at change that by January 10th were forgotten until the next New Year was imminent.

That was until a darling friend told me about her Year Of Yes.

She too did not believe in New Year’s Resolutions but instead chose a “theme” each year and the best theme she ever chose was her Year Of Yes.

I decided to embark on my very own Year Of Yes in 2009. The rules were that I did not have to say yes to everything anyone proposed but the times when I thought I was too tired and would rather stay home or that I thought I wouldn’t like something, I should reconsider and try to say Yes to as many things as possible. This was really good for two reasons. One was that I was a person who was very sure of her likes and dislikes and this would open me up a bit more to new possibilities. Two was that I had often become the person who would tell myself “I don’t have to go out tonight, I am too tired. I can skip  it.” I don’t think I ever felt better staying at home on the couch.

My Year Of Yes was thrilling. It was exhausting. But for the most part it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I tried all sorts of things I had never done before like canyoning (I thought I was going to DIE) seeing Brazilian male dancers perform (my hands were sore from begrudgingly having to clap every move they performed), went to the Rugby (SO not my thing), midnight swims on hot summer school nights (amazing!) but the best thing that happened would have to be meeting my partner ~ the Frenchy.

I had joined a Futsal soccer team on Monday nights and some of the team had a casual kick around in the park every Saturday. At this time in my life I was trying (unsuccessfully) to buy a house so each Saturday was filled with boring house inspections. Finally one October day, I was able to make it. I messaged my friend excited that I could finally come but she wrote back that hardly anyone could make it, only one guy who I had met the Monday before and maybe his new housemate. Usually I would’ve literally rather done my washing than go and have a kick around the park with two guys I didn’t know, but I thought of my Year Of Yes and asked my friend what time they’d be there.

I was in no way dressed to impress. I was wearing daggy shorts, old runners and a baggy hand-me-down top, but it was a kick around in the park so I didn’t think twice about it. I drove and got lost on the way only to pull up at the park to see lightning crack and opened my door to a downpour of rain. Maybe I should’ve stayed home. I ran to the little cafe in the middle of the park and the shelter of it’s awning to see the guy I had met the Monday before with his new housemate ~ the Frenchy.

The three of us sat around talking under the tiny cafe awning for an hour or so waiting for the rain to abate and in the process of that conversation I invited the Frenchy to join our Monday night Futsal team. He joined the team, asked for my number and a year after that we moved in together. That was four years ago.

I still to this day do not think I would have met him had it not been for my Year Of Yes. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me have experiences I would have otherwise missed out on. Some of them were not fun, some of them were freaking excellent and one of them changed the course of my life.

Sacha Marie x

Would you consider having your own Year Of Yes? Or is there another theme you’d like to have next year? I’ve also done a Year Of New, Year Of Love, Year Of Productivity. What are your resolutions and intentions?

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Put Your Hand Up If You're A Martyr
How to do Gratitude right